Uinta Local is THE

WHITE LABEL DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY That Does White Label Digital Marketing Right.

We’re here to help you meet the needs of your clients and scale your digital marketing services so you can best serve your clients the way you know how, and let us deliver the results you’re seeking. 

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Uinta Local works primarily with well established digital marketing agencies in North America. We’re here to help you scale and reducing your operation expenses and provide your clients with the right tools to succeed and help their businesses grow. 

All services in one convenient place.

S.E.O. Services

You can learn more about what our SEO services include and look like. It's the same for our own clients as well as our white label partners.

Paid Social

We have a robust team ready to take on your clients Facebook/Instagram ads with ease and we have a great track record of delivering serious results in most niches/verticals.

Web Design & Development

We have a killer design and development team ready to deliver whatever your clients need for their site. This could include hosting, maintenance, monthly web changes or complete design, re-design or development.

our goal is simple:
help your clients be successful

We're results driven.

Everything we do is to bring you an ROI, whether it be in brand equity, increased sales, or reduced marketing spend or customer acquisition costs. We're driven to help you succeed.

We care about trust.

We know you've been burned by other agencies or partners by their marketing efforts for your clients. We want to earn your trust and become your go-to advisor. We know you care about your clients and so do we.

Why Choose Uinta Local

Clear Reporting.

Sick of those frustrating reports you don’t want to take the time to read? We will lay it all out simply for you and explain everything.

We save you money.

Our main goal is to save you money on your marketing efforts. If we can’t do that, we will part ways with you – it’s that important to us. That also includes bringing a return for your clients, if we can't do that right off the bat, then we're probably not the best fit.

Working with us means Direct & Transparent Partnership

We’re very transparent and direct with our partners and their clients. We’re here to help you and them grow but also are here to let you know exactly when things can be accomplished and will set the record straight whenever needed. Working with us means that you can expect honest, frank communication and reporting. 

Our 2 Models White Label or Reseller

With white label, you sell the client and we completely fulfill everything on the account as you handle the reporting and communication with the client. With reseller, you sell the client as a sales extension of Uinta Local. The client knows that we exist and you take a referral fee or the set-up fee off the top of our pricing which is typically slightly higher than retail.

We can make the transition easy So you can scale

All of that crazy fulfillment that make your clients dreams come true is what we do. You sell and manage the client and we do the rest. We’re here to be your fulfillment partner and be the expert extension you need to scale and be bigger and better then ever. 

Our Onboarding Process


Schedule a Discovery Call

We want to make sure we're the right fit, explore your current needs and client pain points.


Initial Audit & quote from our team

After we review your needs we can send you intial audits and an official quote from our team.


Onboarding Form
& First Call

Once the quote is accepted you can fill out the form so we can collect all the info we need to fulfill correctly and complete the on boarding call.


Be live for your clients in no time!

Once your call is complete we have your account manager follow up and get everything up and running for you and your clients to succeed!

SEO Case Studies

Organic traffic increased by 180% and up over 300,000+ new monthly organic users

25+ high vol keywords in #1 Spot

2X'd AdSense Revenue via SEM
Six Sisters Stuff
Food Blogger
300% increase in organic search in 3 months

25+ keywords taken to page 1

78% of traffic is now organic search & Google My Business
Noble House Furniture
Furniture Store
200% increase in Organic Search Traffic in 4 months

10+ local custom home builder keywords on page 1 & 2

Now gets Weekly leads from SEM/SEO.
Split Rock Custom Homes
7 Figure Home Builder
300% increase in organic sessions in 5 months

Google My Business Ranks Across the State

Majority of leads are organic
Utah Discount Appliance
Appliance Center
Organic search sessions doubled within 2 months

Brought 14 construction keywords to page 1

40% of all site traffic is organic
Gerber Construction
21+ Keywords on Page 1

Cut Patient Aquisitions from Google in Half

46% of Google My Business traffic is Organic

White Pine Dental
Dental Office

Facebook Ads Case Studies

Average Spend is $400/day, $9,000/month

1.7X ROAS with another agency 3.24X ROAS Lifetime with us & growing

Based on Retargeting and Other Look-A-Like Audiences
Relied on Wholesale Accounts & They had never run FB ads before

Month One ROAS was 2.7X

Month Two ROAS was 3.62X

Seasonal Campaign Creatives
My Minds Eye
e-Commerce Paper Goods
Cost per lead $5

7X ROAS Lifetime for Teacher Course

Filled other online yoga classes

Creatives were video content & slides
Salt Lake Power Yoga
Yoga Teacher Course
Cost per Lead was $5

Decreased cost per lead significantly

11.2X ROAS Lifetime of the Ads
Real Estate Prospecting
Lead Gen

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Uinta Local works primarily with well established digital marketing agencies in North America. We’re here to help you scale and reducing your operation expenses and provide your clients with the right tools to succeed and help their businesses grow.