• Digital Marketing Strategy

    Strategy is all we have done for years from small businesses to large multi-million dollar companies.

  • Why Trust Us?

    We've got the strategic results to back it up...

    Strategy is a Multi-Prong Approach

    Kinda like how your mom's cookies have all the flavors....

    We analyze your account, take note of where you are, create new campaigns, optimize daily & frequently update you with reports. This provides peace of mind knowing that your marketing dollars are being spent on attracting the right audience at all times. Digital Strategy encompasses 5 different facets that control how the campaign moves forward, Research, Audience, Content, Execution, Analysis/Change of Strategy. We take each of these facets and build a strategy that will help you succeed online.

    Optimization & Transparent Reporting

    We pride ourselves on reporting, we actually enjoy working & following up.

    The data will tell you everything you need to know. This is where we work best. We optimize campaigns daily & provide simple monthly reports to help you understand when you have been & where you are going. You will always be able to see your tracked progress when you work with us.

    You Execute or We Can!

    We can hold your hand or we can just take it and run!

    The beautiful part about strategy is that it is one of the mostly trackable. We can change anything and everything based on the numbers and KPI's of a specific campaign. We can advise and consult with you to execute it on your own or we can take it and run with it.  

  • How It Works

    Our Process


    Account Overview/Set Up


    Optimize/Set Up New Campaigns


    Daily Optimization & Review


    Monthly Reports & Account Updates

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