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At Uinta Local, we specialize in creating new & improved avenues for small businesses to succeed. Running a business today becomes increasingly competitive as more & more businesses work to provide information & support to their customers across the Internet. Stay ahead of the game with Uinta Local!

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Whether you manage a dental office, a hair salon, or any growing local business, we have the solution for you! At Uinta Local, we offer robust SEO services with monthly reporting, client dashboards & a full team of experts to help you rise above the competition in your marketplace. Sounds pretty great right? We thought so, that’s why we wrote it down.
Since working with Uinta Local, our website has seen a huge increase in traffic! Our Ad Revenue from SEM has also doubled in 6 months. We used to be so dependent on social media to drive traffic to our site and with all the changes in algorithms, it was so disheartening to see our traffic decreasing year over year. Once we met with the owners and their SEO Team, they were ready to help us from Day 1. In the free consultation meeting with them, they gave us so much great information about changes we could implement immediately to start seeing changes with our SEO. We were so impressed with their thorough strategy that we knew needed them on our team immediately! Their customer service and hands-on attention cannot be matched!! We feel like they know us personally and care as much about our company as we do. They back up their words with action and we have loved having them help us take our website to the next level. We can’t say enough good about this company! After working with a handful of other SEO companies, this is the first company that has kept their promises and proved they know their stuff.”

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First Month

This is a heavy lifting month. We’ll do extensive work on your keywords and website optimization. Rankings likely won’t improve quite yet, but it’s critical to lay a solid foundation for your campaign to have success going forward: Initial Campaign Setup · Keyword Research · Keyword Optimization · Website Audit · Website Optimization · Custom Content · Creation Business Profile · Development Analytics Setup

Months 2-5

These months are the core of your SEO campaign. We’ll complete your critical optimizations start spreading the word about your business all over the web. You should see noticeable improvement in your rankings as your online presence grows. We’ll also begin tracking secondary keywords to better understand how your overall reach is being impacted. We will always provide a detailed report on the work we’ve done, keyword progress, & campaign strategy.

Month 6 & Beyond

Our goal is to have you ranking on page 1 of Google by month 6 of your SEO campaign. At this point we will take a deeper look at your tracking keywords to determine where we should focus our efforts to help you rank for even more search terms. It’s important to maintain your SEO activities so that you stay on page 1 & continue to expand your presence online. We will continue developing links, creating content, optimizing your site, & reporting on progress each & every month.

Case Studies

Organic traffic increased by 180% and up over 300,000+ new monthly organic users

25+ high vol keywords on page 1

2X'd AdSense Revenue via SEM
Six Sisters Stuff
Food Blogger
300% increase in organic search in 3 months

25+ keywords taken to page 1

78% of traffic is now organic search & Google My Business
Noble House Furniture
Furniture Store
200% increase in Organic Search Traffic in 4 months

10+ local custom home builder keywords on page 1 & 2

Now gets Weekly leads from SEM/SEO.
Split Rock Custom Homes
7 Figure Home Builder
300% increase in organic sessions in 5 months

Google My Business Ranks Across the State

Majority of leads are organic
Utah Discount Appliance
Appliance Center
Organic search sessions doubled within 2 months

Brought 14 construction keywords to page 1

40% of all site traffic is organic
Gerber Construction
21+ Keywords on Page 1

Cut Patient Aquisitions from Google in Half

46% of Google My Business traffic is Organic

White Pine Dental
Dental Office
6 Crucial Steps

The Uinta Local SEO Method


Rather than optimizing for dozens or even hundreds of keywords, we take a “less is more” approach to keyword selection. We conduct exhaustive research & vetting to find the ideal list of keywords that will perform best for each client.


We match your website code & content to your chosen keywords. We also create high-quality content across the Web. This helps Google & your customers know that your business is a relevant result to those keyword searches.


We act as an online marketing extension of your business, promoting your business everywhere your customers are searching. We’ll also create content that will help develop a diverse & natural link portfolio, earning you the trust of Google & your customers.


Your SEO team will keep regular watch on your keyword rankings. When needed, they will step in & adjust your strategy & tactics to keep your campaign on the right course.


We help you maintain page #1 rankings by continuing to build trust & relevance for your website through ongoing content creation & link portfolio development. This will help keep you ahead of your competitors & successfully adapt to ever-changing algorithm updates.


Now that you’ve got the attention of Google & your online presence is growing, the best thing you can do is leverage this momentum & optimize for new keywords. We do this by repeating steps one through five.

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