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Get more leads, sales, conversions through highly targeted social media advertising. 

Target potential consumers by their age, gender, interests and engagement with your previous marketing efforts.

Through continuous testing, we drive down your customer acquisition cost and improve your ROI.

Our team of experts design the ads, write the copy, find high conversion audiences, & even build your landing page if need be.

Some of our

Based on our experience and expertise, the most success can be found when spending at least $1000 in ad-spend per month with Facebook.

We don't take any of your ad-spend. We only have a tiered management fee.

Average Spend is $400/day, $9,000/month

1.7X ROAS with another agency
3.24X ROAS Lifetime with us & Growing Monthly

Based on Retargeting and Other Look-A-Like Audiences
Relied on Wholesale Accounts & They had never run FB ads before

Month One ROAS was 2.7X

Month Two ROAS was 3.62X

Seasonal Campaign Creatives
My Minds Eye
e-Commerce Paper Goods
Cost per Lead was $5

Decreased cost per lead significantly

11.2X ROAS Lifetime of the Ads

Built on multiple creative assets
Real Estate Prospecting
Lead Gen
Cost per lead $5

7X ROAS Lifetime for Teacher Course

Filled other online yoga classes

Creatives were video content & slides
Salt Lake Power Yoga
Yoga Teacher Course

Our Proven Approach to Paid Social To Bring ROI & put more money in your pocket.

Pre Ad Creation & Initial Research

-Identify strategy based on business goals.

-Creating a list of interests & behaviors and placing them in the ad system.

-Setting a not-to-exceed daily spending budget.

-Build custom audiences for retargeting.

-Setting up proper geographical targets.

-Managing the bids to create the best value we can for each click.

Ad Development & Creative Implementation

-Creating ads and putting them in rotation

-Ads copy and design for split testing

-Conversion tracking set-up and implementation

-Funnel build out depending on your sales cycle

-Use data driven results to expand audience targeting while bringing in more high quality prospects into the sales cycle

Campaign Management & Transparent Reporting

Testing – Once your campaign goes live we will test a number of variables to determine the best performing ads for your niche. Tests can include images, interest groups, placement, gender, location, audiences and more.

Ad Spend Management – Monitor the budget to be sure allocation is being done properly across account.

Monitoring – We will monitor and adjust your campaigns on a regular basis.

Reporting – Email updates, phone or virtual meetings and performance reports.

Scaling – We can start increasing budgets if you desire more leads for your business. We build out funnels to nurture prospects while building credibility and trust throughout the conversion cycle.

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