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Today, personal and individual connection in marketing is vital to success in the social atmosphere.

There are certain best practices that help marketers bring the brand they are working with into this new sphere of personalized marketing. When it comes to social media, consider each major platform, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Even though these platforms are different, the same principle applies, personal marketing will always succeed. If you can connect with your audience on an emotional level, then you will sell your product, build community and create brand advocates. This paper will look at various studies done in communication, marketing, and social media, to break down industry standards and look at the facts. I propose that to succeed in the current marketing industry, you need to be able to connect with your audience on an individual and personal level.

In all of my industry research, I have found four common themes needed for individual connection in marketing. First, we will look at why understanding your audience is so important. Second, we will dive into the tone of voice and brand identity. Third, we will discuss why imagery and content as a whole are important. Forth, we will wrap it all into re-targeting your audience. These four themes were ever present in the research I have conducted, and I will be breaking it down into these next pages.


Understanding your audience is crucial for knowing how to connect with them. If you can track your audience and pull in data from them, you will be able to succeed in reaching them in the right places. You can see this in action in an article by Brennan, L. (2017) where he discusses how data played a major role in two companies marketing decisions. They listed Air Asia’s campaign as an example of using data in their Customer Relationship Management software to find a relationship between travel frequency and brand advocacy on social media. These customers were more likely to interact, and this new approach led to a 58x return on ad spend.

Voice and Identity

Voice and brand identity are key to becoming personal with your audience on any platform or in any marketing campaign that you employ. You can take steps to making every email you ever send, personal to the recipient by using special tags that can insert the name. These types of personal emails according to Ryan, J. (2017) increase your opening rates of 120% and increase the click rate by 60%. These are drastic and amazing numbers. Just by adding a few lines of code and tags and by stating their name you can change how your audience receives your content.


Content and imagery are very important when you are connecting with your audience. Gary Vee (2017) says “Document. Don’t Create,” these are wise words coming from one of the best social marketing experts in the world. He gives simple answers for creating meaningful and personal content. “So, when I say to put out those 6-7 meaningful pieces of content a day, just pick up your smartphone, open Facebook Live, and just start talking about the things most important to you. Because in the end, the creative (or how “beautiful” someone thinks your content is) is going to be subjective. What’s not subjective is the fact that you need to start putting yourself out there and keep swinging.” Gary (2017) also shows that personal responses to users comments on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, are what creates brand advocacy and helps your audience respond. Personal and social connection begets sales, every day. These types of interactions with your target audience will help you to connect with them. The connection will bring more awareness to you as a person or brand and eventually lead to sales. As Gary (2017) says “Personal connection always trumps bad content.”


Reconnection is always something that you need to do to push the end consumer through the marketing funnel. If you have connected with them on a personal level and that connection has not led to a sale, do not worry. They might still need a little reminder of why they need to buy your product or become a customer. In an article and study by Soat, M. (2017) they look at common marketing practices for connection. After the initial personal and individual connection, you need to reach them again to follow up or remind them of who you are and why your connection was valid. Keeping these customers in the marketing funnel takes work. To shorten that workload for the customer, it takes individualization and personalization. It will always be more work to try and connect with your audience personally, but you will be able to get them to the end faster if you do so.

Communication will always be the champion of successful marketing. It does not matter whether you are marketing yourself, a brand, company or product. Connecting on an individual and personal level will always lead to success. I believe that it is also more effective, even if it might take more work upfront. You can see that it is effective from other brands, companies and individuals who take the time to connect with you. It is a lot more comfortable to talk with someone who knows you, and this is why these types of campaigns are so successful. I know that understanding your audience, the tone of voice/brand identity, imagery and retargeting are so important. These four themes were ever present in the research and articles and proved that the following is true. Personalization is the new frontier in marketing. Any companies, individuals and brands who do not move into this form of communication will get left in the dust by those who succeed with individualizing their marketing.


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