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Our Mission

Uinta Local is determined to provide local businesses with the fairly-priced innovative tools, education & services they need to succeed in today’s digital market.

We combat corporate culture & strive to be honest experts for our employees & clients.

Our Vision

We will take the frustration & complexity out of digital marketing & make it accessible for all businesses to learn & grow.

Our Values

+ We believe in the power of doing what you love & love the work we do.

+ We’re honest with our offerings & results.

+ We’re transparent in our reports & business.

+ We strive for direct communication & timely replies.

+ We’re local people who understand the local markets.

+ We strive to be an authority in our dynamic industry.

+ We’re determined in the work & results we produce for clients.

+ We’re empathetic to the business journey. We’ve been there.

Our Qualified Team Members.

Learn more about our team and understand who we are and why we’re here. We love connecting on a personal level with all those that we work with and would love to meet and get to know you and your business more and more.

Shane Hickenlooper

Managing Partner

Dan Page

Creative Director

Mason Bledsoe

Director of Sales & Growth

Milana Thornton

SEO Director

AJ Hunt

Paid Media Director

Tyler Davis

Paid Ads Manager

Lindsey Chisholm

Content Creator / Copywriter

Preston Palmer

Social Media Manager

Ben Hickenlooper

Sales Development Rep

Kendra Lewis

Graphic Designer
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